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The first Symposium of the International Research Network "Frontiers in Inflammation: Novel technologies to harness innate immune responses » (FrontINov)  will be held in two sites: ENS Paris Saclay and IGH Montpellier on the 30th Sept. and 1st Oct. 2020.

This symposium will be a unique opportunity to bring together the nanotechnology and innate immunity scientific communities both at the core of the FrontINov Network.

A detailed program of the event is available here: scientific program .

The symposium, will take place in two sites ENS Paris Saclay and IGH Montpellier. Details about the ENS and IGH can be find following these links: ENS and IGH. Considering travel difficulties due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we plan to broadcast the symposium.

The symposium is open to both IRN FrontINov members and researchers outside the FrontINov network interested in the topic. We strongly encourage the attendance of PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

This event will include a series of seminars to explore the Novel technologies as tools to harness inflammatory responses.

Registration is free but mandatory and includes full access to the conferences.

!! Extension !! of the closing date for registrations: 18th of September 2020 ––> Registration here.

Looking forward to see you at this symposium.

This meeting benefits from financial supports from the CNRS International Research Network program, the Institute of Human Genetics (IGH) and the EMERG’IN infrastructure.

The organizing committee:

Nadine Laguette, IGH, CNRS

Christelle Langevin, EMERG’IN IERP, INRAE

François Treussart, LuMIn, ENS Paris Saclay, CNRS, Univ. Paris-Saclay, CentraleSupélec

Scientific Program





Registration is free but mandatory and includes full access to the conferences, coffee breaks and lunch. The conferences will be available online to deal with possible travel difficulties due to the Covid pandemic. Closing date for registrations: 5th of september

registration here


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